【Important Notice】  


Please be careful of counterfeit works that claim to be ''Ikumi Sawada''.


Dear All

  The copyright of all works by Ikumi Sawada belongs to herself and ''the day-play concept store-''. Unauthorized use of the design is strictly prohibited, but a number of malicious counterfeit works that claim to be ''Ikumi Sawada'' have been reported. (*use of images in HP and unauthorized links are also strictly prohibited.)


  The opportunity to purchase Ikumi Sawada's work is limited to ''the day-play concept store'' or a cooperative place with business partners and affiliated companies. At the same time, we do not sell designs only, materials only, or not provide technical guidance. Therefore, please be careful when purchasing works that claim to be ''Ikumi Sawada'' in places other than the above.


  Copyright infringement is a serious offense. When the target case is identified, we will handle it strictly with the copyright collecting agencyIf you encounter such a case, please contact and consult us.



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