Kawaramachi (in Sendai-city, MIyagi-prefecture, Japan) used to serve a funciton as the south doorway of Sendai Castle town. This place thrived as a city of merchants and craftsmen, and while the urbanization progresses, it still has a historical landscape.You can see the moats of ex-Wakabayashi Castle or the gate called ''Machi-Kido'', the starting point to make a journey, where the wayfarers set out passing through and crossing across Hirose-river. Also, they visited 'Traveller's Inari Myojin' before leaving Kawaramachi, and opened a fest to wish a good luck of journey.

A spacious flowing Hirose RIver, a structure that has carved many times. A hand-held grandfather and child, somewhat relaxing landscape.

the day -play concept store- exists in one of the corners of such historical Kawaramachi.

"the day -play concept store-" creates space that can touch various values, with works by craftsman and artists, crafts and folkcraft items, daily necessities. Also, Ikumi Sawada who is a stained glass craftsman is also on site. Through various projects, we provide a place to bring out people's exchanges regardless of nationality and generation.


1 minute to the River  -

  A castle town in Sendai was born about 400 years. Looking at the majestic mountains from the city of Sendai where rows of fresh green trees lined with trees, you meet the sea if you run for half an hour.Hirose River flows to watch over the cityscape of Sendai. The history of this town, which began at the foot of the Hirose River, is with this river. 

  1-minute walk to the Miyazawa green area with a relaxed atmosphere, with a view of the scenery of Sendai City nearby. It is a great location to be built at the foot of the water flow .



- for environment -

  Considering the global environment, we are trying to reuse old folk houses ticking at more than 100 years and trying to recycle older furniture, driftwood and waste materials so as not to waste useless waste. In addition, in order to reduce CO2, we are promoting the use of walking, bicycles, public transportation (buses and subways) as a way to visit stores.

※the day with Beach Money.

the day -play concept store- sympathizes with Beach-Money which is a community currency that was born at Shonan area in Kanagawa in 2006. This is an unique action that the person who cleans the ocean (the beach) can receive a little gift at domestic or foreign pariticipation stores.  


※linked page is written in Japanese text only.


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- Location - 

the day - play concept store-


ADDRESS :  1-5-41 Kawaramachi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi-prefecture, 984-0816 Japan.


TEL:  +81 22 395 9861   


OPEN:  10:00 -20:00   WEDNESDAY CLOSE


CONTACT:  info@playforlives.com






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