Ikumi Sawada Stained-Glass COLLECTION on「Waza of Japan, Exhibition of Handwork


place : Osaka TAKASHIMAYA 7th floor    

(address)5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, JP 542-8510


period : 2019.2.16(sat) - 21(thur)   10:00-20:30(sat-sun), 10:00-20:00(mon-thur) ※last day until 18:00


Ikumi Sawada  


Stained Glass Craftsman 


Born in 1984. Studied studio art in the United States in 2003. Works to produce custom-made and original pieces around the concept of ''Stained glass that blends into everyday life, rather than design that is overly-assertive,'' out of her base ''the day -play concept store'' in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. In addition, she also engages in production upon consignment from other industries, holds special exhibitions at department store, and extends artistic cooperation for televised dramas. "LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2017" Miyagi prefecture representative.




place : 1-5-41 Kawara-machi, wakabayashi, Sendai, Miyagi 984-0816 (the day - play concept store)

TEL:  +81 22 395 9861   /    FAX: +81 22 395 9861

OPEN:  10:00 -19:30   WEDNESDAY CLOSE







沢田いくみ-ステンドグラス〈アトリエ/the day -play concept store-内〉〒984-0816 宮城県仙台市若林区河原町1-5-41 ℡:022-395-9861 (C) 2013 Ikumi Sawada Stained-Glass.